New Electronic Cigarette Technology Creating Buzz

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Electronic cigarettes have become a fascination to the public. A fantastic alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes have presented its self; an innovation that has garnered attention from investors, smokers and hobbyists. Instead of toxic smoke, new VTM technology produces clean water vapor consisting of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, water and flavoring. Some companies use natural flavors and produce their E-Liquids (this is what propels the E-Cig/vape) in the USA to ensure safety, health and the knowledge of what is being bottled.

While this new technology is gaining popularity, many health advocates argue that more research needs to be conducted before calling them safe, or even cessation e-cigarettedevices. The opposing side (the advocated of electronic cigarettes), debates that society needs help now, and that current evidence supports these devices as being far better alternatives. With the media circulating, many consumers are either excited or reluctant to try vaporizers, as various sources all have different opinions.

Regardless of the E-Cig “health debate”, there are certain facts that the public should realize off the bat. Traditional cigarettes produce 7000 chemicals that we know of. The smoker inhales thousands of toxins from arsenic to carbon monoxide. Tobacco crops are sprayed with harsh chemicals and each cigarette is altered with chemicals to make it draw and burn a specific way. On the contrary, vaporizers use water (instead of fire) to produce a nicotine-fix without the nasty byproducts. There are 4 ingredients used in E-Juice, and there are 7000 in tobacco.

More and more doctors, researchers and scientists are standing up in the name of electronic cigarettes, and what they could offer society. Currently, smoking is the leading cause of preventable death, and affects nearly everyone. From a family member to a friend or colleague, almost everyone can say that they know someone who has acquired cancer or a disease as a result of life-long tobacco use.

These new devices (up to the shopper) can contain nicotine, a primary incentive to use the technology. Users can either continue to vape because they enjoy it while many others wean their nicotine levels down over time. This can be because the nicotine naturally begins to feel too harsh, or because the smoker wishes to decrease in increments. E-Cigs and their vaporizer predecessors do this well, with increments of nicotine generally ranging from 0.8 % by volume to 3.2 % by volume. For more information on nicotine levels, check out The Learn Center at http://www.clearette.com

Though nicotine levels vary, an E-Cig user will find the greatest success in determining the right level by simply assessing their smoking habits. While some smokers may choose to consume bold cigarettes in less quantity over the course of a week, other smokers will consume light cigarettes much more frequently. Many new e-cigarette users often experiment with the different levels to figure out which level suites their needs best.

While there is no iron-clad, long-term research on electronic cigarettes, much of the current research is positive. Lots of vapers have been smoke-free for years, and love to boast about it. There are thousands of forums where electronic cigarette users converse about their success, as well as offering advice to new users who do not understand the tech aspects of the devices. In many cases, new users feel like they have been thrust into a new sci-fi movie where they are lost in translation.

Many guides and websites have learn centers to teach new E-Cig users about the technology, how they work and even will assist with flavors and nicotine strengths. Finding a good E-Cig company can simplify the process for those who are interested in trying them out.

E-Hookahs : The New Craze

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The traditional hookah of the past required not only money (some of them can be quite pricey) but also commitment, as the traditional hookah requires space and time to conduct. Originally, the first hookah was created to help filter out additional toxins released from tobacco and the combustion of tobacco. The first model was designed by a doctor, as he realized that many people who were smoking tobacco were suffering from illnesses and obvious symptoms related to smoking.

From whips and cords to burning coal- hookahs can be dangerous. Many houses have burned down, as the fiery coal is a huge hazard. In addition, many hookah enthusiasts have burn holes in their carpets and furniture; remnants of a past hookah disaster. In fact, it is not uncommon to walk into a hookah bar and see holes all over the place.

Recent shifts in technology have ridden the issues of traditional hookahs, though many hookah enthusiasts still love the tactile hobby of using a traditional hookah. For beginners, the new “E-Hookahs” offer a splendid opportunity for those who wish to feel what hookah feels like without the mess and dangers.

Most E-Hookahs are disposable and are made of either plastic or metal. Though the E-Hookah is one, single device, there are three essential components that make up an E-Hookah. Within the E-Hookah there lies a flavor cartridge, an atomizer and a disposable, pre-charged battery. The E-Hookah works just as an electronic cigarette or a traditional operate; the user simply inhales on the mouthpiece for vapor that feels like a traditional hookah.

E-Hookahs utilize water to deliver the traditional smoking experience of a hookah, ultimately eliminating the hazards, smoke, ash, tar and assembly. Many users of E-Hookahs are former users of electronic cigarettes who wish to merge away from the simple tobacco and menthol flavors.

E-Hookahs generally last 500-1000 puffs and cost less money than a traditional cigarette or a trip to a hookah bar. E-Hookahs are designed to emit a robust vapor with a throat hit similar to what one would receive while puffing on a traditional hookah. Best of all, there is no need to purchase shisha, a combination of tobacco, molasses and flavor additives (which can be expensive, depending on the quality).

E-Hookahs have overwhelming benefits, as they are light, disposable and inexpensive. Individuals who opt to vape on E-Hookahs (instead of smoking) will spend far less than a smoker while eliminating the negative health aspects of “smoking”.

From forums to websites devoted to hookahs and smoking alternatives, E-hookahs are steadily gaining popularity. New flavors are constantly arising, from berry flavors to exotic dessert-like delicacies, such as cinnamon danish and banana nut bread. With so much to choose from, the future of electronic hookahs is looking delicious. Electronic Hookah Pens, a hookah pen review site, provides unbiased reviews on several e-hookah pen companies.

Is Franchising Right For Me?

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If you know the basics behind franchising and you’re still considering franchising, there are a few things that need to be thought about when you’re making the decision. While a pro-con list is a great way to begin, many of the pros are also a con and vise-versa, if you really think about it – therefore, the only way to think it through is to figure out what matters more to you, as a business owner.

First, knowing that you will be a business owner either way is important. A franchise owner still has to do just as much work as a small business owner. Owning a franchise is not an excuse to do less – don’t hold onto that as even a possibility. If you do, the business will fail.franchise info

One big reason many small business owners choose to franchise is because of the branding. Using an already established brand is a great way to gain regular customers. Generally, a recognized name will pull in more passersby customers than a privately owned business. However, the con to this is the same – using an already established brand. Because the franchise is what it is, there is no room for you to grow as a business. You cannot create a brand for yourself. Of course, this isn’t a big deal for many. But if you want to create your own brand, franchising is not for you.

Another double pro-con is similar to that. Selling a franchise’s products tend to be reliable. People know what to expect, so when they order, they know what they want and it’s easier to draw in people that way. On the other hand, your signature will be the franchise’s signature. If you want to capitalize on something you know how to make, you can’t franchise. With a franchise, the available products are limited to what the franchise offers. You can’t expand that.

Following that, you, as the franchisee, lose a lot of creative say. For straight-laced, business oriented people, that may not be a big deal. But with a franchise, you’ll never be that store that everyone in the area knows because of their fun waitress outfits, or theme nights. Things like that can draw customers in masses, but only in the right areas. This is where location and surroundings play a part. For example, if you’re by the coast, you could use that to your advantage with beach themed nights and such. That’s not really possible as a franchise. However, the positives come in the reliability of shipments of what you need, already standard uniforms, training courses already made for your team, etc. This is another point that can go either way.

Basically, when you’re considering which way to go, it’s important to look at each point in the positive and negative way. Be sure you know what you’re getting into, and be sure you’re sure with your decision. There are strong reasons to go both ways, so picking the right one is important here. If you are set on franchising the first step would be to start going through franchise opportunities.